Jane Green Polkow

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Jane Green
Residing In: Billings, MT USA
Spouse/Partner: Dave Polkow
Occupation: Self-Employed
Children: Lisa Anne, born May 1980
Laurie Jane, born October 1981 - Now married to Mitchell Holland, Billings More…Montana they have two sons, Jayden and Jordan
Lonnie Sue, born September 1985 - Now married to husband John Moch - Johnstown, Colorado
Logan Arthur, born April 1989
Lucas David, born June 1990
Lewis William, born December 1991
Landon Arthur, born March 1994
Levi Kristion, born June 1994
Larson Javier, born February 1998
Lexie Rose, born March 2000
Libby Lynn, born April 2002
Landry "Red" Nathanial, born May 2003
Military Service: Deviated Septum - They wouldn't take me!
Yes! Attending Reunion

Greetings everyone! I was married to fellow FP student, Ken Dinsmore from 1980 to 1984. Kenny and I shared two girls, Lisa and Laurie. After our divorce, I remarried Dave Polkow on June 23 1984 in Tacoma. We will be celebrating our 25Th Wedding Anniversary next month. Dave and I moved from Tacoma to Detroit in 1984 with Toys R Us. There we bought our first home and added three children to the family, Lonnie 1985, Logan 1989, and Lucas 1990. In 1990 Toys R Us took us to LIttleton Colorado. There we bought another home and added Lewis to the mix on New Years Eve of 1991. While in Denver I owned and operated an entertainment business called Blue Moon Lingerie. My business partner and myself hired models and provided fill in fashion shows during band breaks at large night clubs and bars in the Denver area. That led to meeting all kinds of interesting people through our gorgeous models. One of the gals that worked for me dated Denver Bronco, Vance Johnson. After our introduction I organized appearances with some of his team-mates (The Three Amigos - Vance Johnson, Ricki Natielle, and Mark Jackson) It was a fun time, but short lived. In 1992, Toys R Us asked us to move to Montana. Hoping I was slowly making my way back to Washington State, I convinced Dave to accept the position. Dave had previously spent 5 years to college at the University Of Montana in Missoula. He had an extremely promising career as a hurdler on the Grizzly UM team until a hamstring pull while preparing for qualifying races for the US Olympics. Thank goodness, our children inherited his athletic ability and not mine. Lisa lives here in Billings. She works as a transportation Manager for a firm here locally. She has the most beautiful singing voice you can imagine. Laurie also lives here in Billings with her husband and two little boys, Jayden and Jordan. Laurie works for the US National Guard as a private contractor. She educates and assists families and soldiers getting ready to be deployed over seas. My Son-In-Law, Mitchell is retired from the US Army and is now a driver for heavy trucks, specializing in cement mixing. Lonnie was selected as Montana State All-State third base on her high school softball team. After graduating with honors, she was awarded a lucrative softball scholarship to the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. There she graduated with honors in the nursing program. Two years ago she married John Moch. He was Pre-Med at University of Mary, where he was on the Football team. John graduated from University of Mary with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He and Lonnie moved to the Denver area after marrying June 16, 2007. John works for Amgen Pharmaceuticals in Boulder Colorado as a drug manufacturer, specializing in developing new antibiotics. Lonnie is a Registered Nurse at a hospital in the Denver area. Logan graduated from high school in 2007 and received a track scholarship to Dickinson State after being the Montana State 300 Meter Champion. He is currently taking a year off of college working on an engineering survey team that travels around the country. Lucas graduated with honors from high school and started college at Montana State University - Billings. He is currently transferring to Miles City College and completing an engineering program for the mining industry. He two was a very capable hurdler in both the highs and lows. He also played football and was a great wrestler. Thank goodness the kids got their height and athletic talents from my husband and not myself. We are definitely known around Montana as a track family. Lewis is a junior in high school. He has a sense of humor like me, but much better behaved. Not a party animal by any means. He's quick witted, he can entertain like Robin Williams, but consistently keeps his studies up and brings home admirable grades. He also plays high school soccer. Landon was intended on being the last Polkow child, but we later picked up where we left off, only after Landon, we adopted five more. Landon is a high achieving athlete with a lot of speed and a lot of talent. He is a freshman in high school and both he and Lewis is state ranked in both the high and low hurdles. Dave and I became foster parents for the State of Montana in 2000. In 6 years we were blessed to have 37 children in our home. Five of which we are lucky enough to now call our own. Since all of our birth children had "L" names, our new children wanted "L" names themselves. I asked that they maintain some of their birth name along with their new choice. Each child got to pick their own name. Levi was born in Great Falls Montana in June 1994. His birth name was Kristion Michael. He is now Levi Kristion. He is so handsome, with dark hair and eyes. He is Hispanic and Blackfeet Indian. Unfortunately he was born with massive disabilities and birth defects. He was flown by helicopter to Children's Orthopedic in Seattle where he lived without any family members for a year and a half. When he came to us he was 6 years old along with his half sister, Rosemary Mariah. She is now Lexie Rose, they share the same birth mother. Lexie is a registered Blackfeet tribal member. She is also a gorgeous child with beautiful skin and dark eyes and hair. Levi has come a long way since 2000. At the age of 6, Levi weighed a mere 27 pounds, couldn't speak and was failing to thrive. He will turn 15 next month and will start high school in the fall. He attends special education and is now 70 pounds. He is active and a real character. Our next addition was Javier Armondo. He became Larson Javier. He is bright little man, with a great smile. Being of Hispanic heritage, he has the most beautiful summer skin tones, much like what people pay for at the tanning beds. Next are my two littlest one. Born Shari Lynn and Nathaniel, they are now Libby Lynn and Landry Nathaniel, (also known as "Red"). They too, share a birth mother. Libby is a beautiful striking blond, frilly girly girl, and Red is a rough and tumble Red headed Irishmen. At one point we had more than twelve children living in the house. Now we're down to a mere seven. Much quieter than it used to be. I just recently got out of the two businesses I owned for many years. I had a Karaoke Entertainment business called Jungle Jane Entertainment. I'm getting to old to be on stage every night with a glass of tequila in my hand so I've given that up. I also had a small chain of specialty stores numbed "Red's" after my little man. I made and sold gourmet flavored popcorn and old fashioned candy items like penny candy and hand dipped caramel apples. I loved that business but it was a bit much when I had five locations running at the same time. I haven't decided what I want to do with my time now, so instead I've just opted to stay at home for a little while I am recuperating from a recent emergency appendectomy. Family wise, I lucky to say that all of my siblings, Nancy, Douglas and Garry are still with us, as is both of my parents. Sue and Vernon still live in the house I grew up in on Vickery Avenue. Dad still owns the construction outfit. My Mother is the primary care-giver for my Grandmother who recently celebrated her 98th birthday. Sadly to say, my Grandfather who my parents also cared for, passed away some years ago. Dave and I and the kids have lived in the same house since 1992. It's not fancy but well lived in. We have three giant Great Dane's ( Mercedes, Annie and Katie and one little ball of fur, Sherman. Dave still works for Toys R Us, now in his 32nd year. It's hard to believe we've been out of school for 30 years. I don't think we're that old are we? I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you. Have a safe and enjoyable summer. Much love and laughter!

Jane Green-Polkow

School Story:

What's to tell, I wasn't too quiet during high school. Most memorable things...

Outdoors In The Northwest Class during Interim!What the heck, too bad every class can't be like that, camping, eating, gossiping around campfire and enjoying all that nature has to offer! We learned much about herbs and plants and berries growing in the wilderness!

Taking Howard Lutton's picture on top of the ladder for a fundraiser. That was much better than any kind of cookie dough program!

Football Games, Basketball Games, Track Meets, Baseball Games and Wrestling Matches. The occasional bad choice of behavior on my part at parties and get togethers!

The fact that I don't ever remember reading any of the classics during my formidable years like "Moby Dick", "Of Mice and Men", Romeo and Juliet". Where was I and what was I doing? A little late to rehash the poor education I received at Franklin Pierce isn't it?

My children have it much harder. They actually expect them to show up to class and produce work. Interesting concept isn't it?

I did love being the school mascot! I had too much fun underneath that beak! And the yellow tights were kickin' it weren't they?

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It's Jane Green Polkow's birthday today.
Sep 15, 2018 at 4:33 AM
It's Jane Green Polkow's birthday today.
Sep 15, 2017 at 4:33 AM
It's Jane Green Polkow's birthday today.
Sep 15, 2015 at 4:33 AM